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UVA Filter- Schott UG11 & WG335/WG345 (2" with Frame)

Sun Screen Testing Industry standard filters for isolating UVA wavelengths (320-400nm)
Schott UG11 Filter for eliminating visible and infrared rays (>400nm)
Schott WG335/3mm or WG345/1mm filter for eliminating UVB and UVC rays (<320nm)
Used in the UVA Protection Factor Test Method (Persistent Pigment Darkening)

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Additional Information

SKU 640-8014
Name UVA Filter- Schott UG11 & WG335/WG345 (2" with Frame)
Spectral Range UV
Solar Filters Other
Filter Size Greater than 7.6cm
Filter Type Bandpass
Filter Style Interference
Filter Style Interference
Spectral Range (nm) 200 - 1100 nm
Thickness (mm) two modifications: nearly 2.5 mm or 4.5 mm
Dimensions clear aperture 25 mm
Transmission band (nm) 270-400 nm
Reflected / Absorbed Band 200-270 nm and 400-1100 nm


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