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PTS-2-QE - Quantum Efficiency/IPCE System

The PTS-2-QE system allows an overall "external" quantum value measurement, which is considered the most important factor in cell testing. It includes all the Spectral Response equipment of the PTS-1, as well as a bias light and additional electronics and software to seamlessly allow user-friendly measurements of Quantum Efficiency.

PTS-2-QE Includes:
-IV Testing
-Spectral Response
-External Quantum Efficiency - IPCE

Each PTS-2 system is rigorously tested in our London Ontario lab to meet minimum benchmark capabilities. Each system includes a detailed test report including probe beam characterization with a calibrated reference detector. EQE and IV measurement capabilities verified against a solar reference device certified by a ISO 170205 accredited laboratory. A SCI-MO device is also characterized and provided with the instrument for operators to verify system operation on site.

An english user manual is provided

This system includes 2 IEC 60320 C13 compatible power cables. Region-specific version must be selected at the time of placing an order (see product 491-9001).

The PTS-2 can be upgraded to include Internal Quantum Efficiency measurements, or to include the necessary parts to allow Constant Photocurrent Method measurements (PTS-3)*.
*Please note that upgrading to PTS-3-CPM requires the return of the entire PTS-2-QE to Sciencetech's factory for upgrade - it cannot be upgraded in the field.

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SKU 175-9002
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