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MPT8000-A Microscope Photometer - Single channel with standard iris selector

This is a microscope accessory that allows a point on the microscope field of view to be singled out for intensity or spectroscopy measurement while the light from the other areas in the field of view are physically blocked out.
A proprietary 4 curtain mechanism allows the user to crop any rectangular region of any size and any aspect ratio in the field of view to be measured while the remaining regions are blocked out. The cropped field of view can be seen through an observation eye piece. A filter drawer allows the use of color glass or interferometric filters for the rejection of undesired wavelengths.
Light transmitted through the cropped region is then directed to an output port where its intensity can be measured by an optional detector or broken down further into its constituent wavelengths via an optional monochromator attachment.
The system is light tight allowing for the use of a photon counting detector. A second output port is also available as an option for dual simultaneous measurements with a dichroic mirror or flipping mirror separating the two ports.

Technical Specifications
Filter Drawer: Accepts 1" diameter or square filters
Output Signal: 0 to 13 V
Output Connection: BNC connector
Usage: With DVM or A/D to computer
Modes: Analog or photon counting
Analytical Area Selector: 4 blade independent slit (or optional iris)
Dimensions: 266.7 x 63.5 x 279.4mm

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SKU 128-9001
Name MPT8000-A Microscope Photometer - Single channel with standard iris selector


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