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(SS-80) Bilaterally Adjustable Slit - Manual Control

The SS80 is a manual controlled bilaterally adjustable slit for the input or output port. Most Sciencetech monochromators/spectrograph models already include one SS80 slit at the input port but an additional one at the output port is usually required if the monochromator is mated to a single channel detector, PMT detector, or used as a tunable wavelength light source. If the dual port option is selected for a Sciencetech monochromator, an additional SS80 slit for the second port may also be required. The slit width can be adjusted between 0-6mm, in 10µm spacing using a micrometer thumbwheel. The height of the SS80 slit can also be adjusted between 0-10mm, 10-20mm and 20-30mm through built-in manual curtain sliders.

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SKU 120-9004
Name (SS-80) Bilaterally Adjustable Slit - Manual Control


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