(WF-1Q) Compact Optical Liquid Filter, 1.75" with Quartz Windows

Sciencetech's Compact 1.75" Optical Liquid Filter is designed to filter wavelengths 1000nm and greater (if distilled water is used). The compact size allows it to be installed in one of Sciencetech's FH- style filter boxes. This filter requires a cooling water recirculator (sold separately).

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SKU: 100-8048

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Additional Information

SKU 100-8048
Name (WF-1Q) Compact Optical Liquid Filter, 1.75" with Quartz Windows
Spectral Range UV, Visible, Infrared
Solar Filters Other
Filter Size 2.5 to 5.0cm
Filter Type Short Pass
Filter Style Absorbing
Spectral Range (nm) 200nm-1000nm
Thickness (mm) 18mm of liquid
Dimensions 45mm clear aperture
Transmission band (nm) 200nm-1000nm (with distilled water)
Reflected / Absorbed Band 1000nm - Far Infrared


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