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Infrared Grid Polarizing Beam Splitter 3"

Sciencetech manufactures grid polarizing beam-splitters for use in the far-infrared and terahertz spectral regions. These beamsplitters divide the incoming beam according to its polarization. The beam-splitter consist of very fine parallel aluminum lines spaced 4 µm apart on a thin mylar substrate. It has the widest spectral range with a higher frequency cut-off than that of other polarizers that work in the near-millimeter wavelength range.
This particular model is 3" (7.5cm) diameter, and is the middle size of the IR beam-splitter polarizer Sciencetech offers. For larger or smaller sizes, or for a full list of technical specifications, please speak with your authorized Sciencetech technical sales staff member.

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SKU: NR172-8003

Category: Far Infrared Systems (THz)

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SKU NR172-8003
Name Infrared Grid Polarizing Beam Splitter 3"


SCIENCETECH has built a reputation on custom solutions. Whether you need a small modification to an existing system or a completely novel design built from the ground up to meet your technical specifications, Sciencetech's engineering and optical design teams are ready to help.

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