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(BBT-03) Broadband Thermopile Detector - (300 uW to 3W)

This Broadband Thermopile Detector allows the measurement of infrared light in the 0.19 – 20 µm range. This detector has a 12mm diameter sensor, measures up to 3 W (0.5 uW NEP). Please note that this detector head requires either an external display controller or computer interface (sold separately) to show the measured power. The price shown includes the detector head, post, post holder, and base only.

This thermopile is recommended for smaller light sources (collimated 500W arc lamps and below) and standard solar simulators (<5 Suns, <500 mW/cm2).

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Additional Information

SKU 585-0002
Name (BBT-03) Broadband Thermopile Detector - 3W
Spectral Region 89,87,88
Active Area (diameter or square) 10+mm
Active Area (diameter or square) 10+mm
Temperature Control Non-cooled
AC or DC Coupling DC Coupled
Single or Multichannel Single
Detector Type Thermopile/Pyroelectric
Spectral Range (nm) 190 - 20000
Detector Material 230
Detectivity (cm-Hz^1/2/W) N/A
Responsivity 200 mV/W


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