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(PTS-4-SSP) Steady State Photoconductivity System

The PTS-4-SSP is Sciencetech’s flagship measurement system. The PTS-4 includes all the measurement extensive measurement tools and capabilities of the PTS 1,2 and 3 and adds the powerful Steady State Photoconductivity (SSP) method. Steady state photoconductivity (SSP) measurements give information about the nature of defects, mobility-lifetime products, and the transport and recombination kinetics of photogenerated carriers. Since the states between quasi-Fermi levels act predominantly as recombination centres, steady state photoconductivity is sensitive to both the density and the nature of these states.

The PTS-4-SSP uses the PTS integrated monochromatic light source to perform steady state photoconductivity measurements. To perform SSP measurements the incident flux is first measured using the provided calibrated reference detector in AC mode. After system calibration is performed the light source chopper is turned off and set to the open position for DC measurements.

Under DC illumination the photocurrent is measured at each wavelength using the included electrometer.

A relative value for the absorption coefficient can be obtained from studies of the sample using the included CPM technique.

Reflectivity measurements are not included with the system and are generally performed using a secondary instrument.

The volume generation rate can be calculated from the measured values of incident flux, the sample thickness, relative absorption coefficient and reflectivity profile. With measurements of the photocurrent and volume generation rate the steady state photoconductivity can be determined.

Please speak to a Sciencetech Technical Specialist for further information.

PTS-4-SSP Includes:

-IV Testing
-Spectral Response
-Quantum Efficiency/IPCE
-CPM Measurements
-SSP Measurements

This system includes 4 IEC 60320 C13 compatible power cables. Region-specific version must be selected at the time of placing an order (see product 491-9001).

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