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(PTS-3-DBM) Dual Beam Photocurrent Method

The PTS-3-DBM has the same ability to measure IV, spectral response, and quantum efficiency as the PTS-1 and PTS-2 systems, but adds the powerful technique of the dual beam photocurrent (DBM) method. The DBM system is based on maintaining constant photocurrent over the range of photon energy to get constant quasi-Fermi levels. Furthermore, the DBM system has the additional capability to vary the bias light source intensity. This changes the electron-hole and quasi-Fermi levels to yield additional information about defect states. Please speak to a Sciencetech Technical Specialist for further information.
PTS-3-DBM Includes:
-IV Testing
-Spectral Response
-Quantum Efficiency/IPCE
-DBM Measurements

This system includes 2 IEC 60320 C13 compatible power cables. Region-specific version must be selected at the time of placing an order (see product 491-9001).

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SKU 175-9004
Name (PTS-3-DBM) Dual Beam Photocurrent Method


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