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(PTS-3-CPM) Constant Photocurrent Method System

The PTS-3-CPM allows users the same ability to measure IV, Spectral Response, and Quantum Efficiency as the PTS-1 and PTS-2, but adds the powerful Constant Photocurrent Method (CPM). The CPM system illuminates the sample solar sell with a bias solar light source while a separate light source is modulated to cover a specified spectrum. The bias source ensures that the signal is not dominated by the non-linear response at low-level illumination, but rather gives a baseline response dependent on the wavelength of the modulated source. This allows for a highly precise measurement of defect density. Please speak with a Sciencetech Technical Specialist for more information.
PTS-3-CPM Includes:
-IV Testing
-Spectral Response
-Quantum Efficiency/IPCE
-CPM Measurements

This system includes 3 IEC 60320 C13 compatible power cables. Region-specific version must be selected at the time of placing an order (see product 491-9001).

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SKU 175-9003
Name (PTS-3-CPM) Constant Photocurrent Method System


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