Reflector, Elliptical, F/2.5, 169 mm Diameter, Electroformed

Sciencetech's elliptical reflectors are used to efficiently collect and focus light emitted by an arc lamp inside the lamp housing.
This elliptical reflector is designed to work with Sciencetech's A4 Lightline housing or a xenon arc lamp from 1kW up to 1.6 kW.

Diameter: 169 mm
Axis Size: 181.5 mm
Distance Between Focal Points: 389.8 mm
Reflector Material: electroformed nickel,
Nominal Thickness: 0.889 mm
Reflector Coating: Al/MgF2
Surface Finish: better than 1.6 micro inch
Surface Quality: better than 40-20 scratch-dig
Focal point about 300mm in front of reflector aperture (SW Aug 29)

750.00 750.0 USD


SKU: 620-0087

Category: Reflectors

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SKU 620-0087
Name Reflector, Elliptical, F/1.6, 169 mm Diameter, Electroformed
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