(PTS-1-SR) Spectral Response System

The PTS-1-SR system includes a lamp and monochromator for a tunable light source, which is coupled to a high sensitivity source meter with measurement software. This user-friendly system is the most powerful Spectral Response system currently on the market, but its true power is the ease of upgrading from the base PTS-1 to the more powerful PTS-2-QE (Quantum Efficiency) or PTS-3-CPM (Constant Photocurrent Method). Designed for researchers who have limited budgets but want to start work immediately, this allows the ability to do baseline studies until additional funding for the full QE or CPM system becomes available.
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PTS-1 Includes:
-Spectral Response and EQE measurements

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SKU 175-9001
Name (PTS-1-SR) Spectral Response System
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