(LASI-48) 48 LASI Units

A system of 48 Large Area Solar Illuminator (LASI) units.
Each LASI unit illuminates up to 0.5x0.5m with a filtered Xenon Arc lamp producing 6,000K illumination. A 48 Unit array can be arranged to illuminate an area of 2x6m.
LASIs are best used in arrays of multiple units, as the optical performance improves when the light from multiple units overlaps. LASI units in arrays can produce a volumetric uniformity.
LASIs produce Class C Spectral match, Class A temporal instability. See the brochure for details about the system non-uniformity classification. Better optical performance is possible: please discuss your particular needs with your authorized Sciencetech technical support staff member.
Each unit has a single-phase power supply with a touch screen interface. Systems can be operated remotely through software.
Power requirements for each unit (1 of 48): 200-240 VAC, 12.1 to 9.0 A.
Base system does not include a mount, see brochure for product information.

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SKU: 165-9018

Category: Large Area Solar Simulators

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Additional Information

SKU 165-9018
Name Large Area Solar Illuminator (LASI), Forty-Eight Units (2x6m)
Target Size 2 x 6 m
Typical Power Output 1000 W/m2
Collimation Angle +/- 10 degrees
Uniformity Classification Less than C
Temporal Instability Classification B
Spectral Match Classification C
Working Distance 1 m
Lamp Power 48 x 1.6 kW
Power Requirements 220VAC/10A
Target Size Diameter Greater than 50cm
Target Size Square Greater than 50x50cm
Intensity on Target Up to 2 Sun
Classification Less than ACA
Solar Simulator Type Steady-State
Solar Simulator Type
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