(SciSun-150) Solar Simulator, Class AAA, 150W, 50×50mm

Class: AAA (ASTM E927-19, IEC 60904-9)
Target size: 50x50mm at 1 sun
Working distance: 380mm (with beam turning unit CTBT-3)
Included Power Supply: (601-150) 150W Adjustable Power with Touchscreen Control
CE Compliant
Also included are a 150W xenon arc lamp, filter holder, height-adjustable stand, manual attenuator, manual shutter, beam turner, and testing report.

Available Air Mass filters include AM1.0, AM1.5D, and AM1.5G. Other spectral matches are possible. Please contact us for more information.

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SKU: 160-9103

Category: Low Cost Solar Simulators

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Additional Information

SKU 160-9103
Name (SciSun-150) Solar Simulator, Class AAA, 150W, 5050mm
Target Size 50 x 50 mm
Uniformity Classification A
Temporal Instability Classification A
Spectral Match Classification A
Working Distance 380 mm
Lamp Power 150W
Intensity on Target 1 Sun
Classification Triple A (AAA)
Solar Simulator Type Steady-State
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